History and Philosophy

The "SK Projects" was established by visionary professionals in 2005 formerly known as "SK Builders and Developers" in Bangalore with a commitment to transfigure the urban panorama of elegant INDIA and today after the journey of so many years, its projects stand testimony to the shining excellence and brilliance in execution.

In the residential market, we initially targeted the first-time homeowner and the investor looking for a value-for-money investment, but we are now building for the executive market and the affordable housing market. Our first complex in Banaswadi, Bangalore-43 was completed in January 2007 and was well received by homeowners and investors alike.

Each project is managed by our team of highly experienced personnel, incorporating the services of various professionals in the architectural, engineering, quantity surveying and other related fields, and has proved their reliability and dedication to quality workmanship.

Top management believes in an open door policy and our Managing Director is personally involved with each project. Such a "hands on" approach ensures that good relations are maintained between our clients and the company at all times.

The SK Projects believe in less direct advertising and more customer referrals. This is being achieved through our customer centric approach, quality and value additions provided to the customer.

Customer satisfaction is the corner stone of our company's philosophy. We constantly strive for perfection in our service by understanding the customer needs and providing innovative and customized real estate solutions. The locations of our projects are so carefully chosen that they provide immense potential to investment.

All through its existence, SK Projects' ideals of quality, innovation and attention to the needs of its clients have always been of utmost importance. These ideals remain at the core of every endeavor of SK Projects. Professional to the core and passionate about standards in construction, the company is moving fast forward into the future.

Our architecture is unique and all our complexes have a unique finish expounding the truth that they are created by SK. Our specialty is visible from our unique and elegant architecture. The layout within the apartment and outside is also highly satisfying to most of our valuable customers. The landscapes speak for themselves in beauty and elegance.

We believe in consumer satisfaction combined with unique PQRST philosophy (Punctuality, Quality, Reliability, Speed, and Transparency) has earned consumer trust and firm faith in SK Projects.

Our Culture :

  • Determination
  • Integrity
  • Professional
  • Pride
  • Can do Spirit
  • Team Work

Our Vision :

The team envisions and stresses on a radical real estate paradigm, which breaks free of traditional moulds and gives value for money along with a rare blend of form and function

Our Mission :

Doing rather than talking... focusing on under tapped markets and delivering architecturally superior products

Our Product :

  • Superior Design
  • Proper Depiction of Area, Amenities and Specifications
  • Correct Coordinates of the Project
  • Attention to Detail

Our Services :

  • Correct Pre and Post Sales information to the Buyer
  • Updates on Projects Progress on a regular Basis
  • Ease of Registration and Transfer of Possession
  • Maintenance

About Team :

SK Projects has a strong top rung management, a group of highly skilled and motivated professionals. The directors bring to the organization a large quantum of expertise and experience from diverse areas of the real estate sector.

The second rung management consists of a team of dynamic professionals who have faith in the top management and the philosophy of the company. They handle various affairs of the company in addition to working towards the manifestation of the dream of a 'simply beautiful and beautifully simple world' that we envision. Since conceptualization, SK Projects has cultured innovation and dedication. The army of energetic and level headed workforce work diligently to turn our dreams into reality.

Managing Team :

Managing Director

B Tech, Civil Engineer and Retired Superintending Engineer is the mentor for the company. With his inspiration we have always strived for excellence and consistency in our delivery. In his direction we have been successful in creating homes for our customers.


B Tech, Civil Engineer with his 15 years of strong experience in structural designs, implementation and he is foundation stone of our company. His long association with Wipro Technologies has brought in lot of professional strength within him. All key decisions of the company are made under his expertise and have brought strength to the company. Under his leadership the company has implemented several projects successfully.

Financial and Admin Manager

B.com with 20 years of experience in accounting, he has always made sure that the financial flow of the company stays smooth and consistent. His financial and admin skill has made our company operations more organized.


Our Marketing and sales Team :

Mr. MANISH GANGWAT, Marketing Team

Mr. RAJESH KHANNA, Marketing Team


Our Technical and Structural Associates :

Mr G SAGAR, B Tech in Architecture, S'n'S Associates

Mr PAVAN KUMAR, B Tech in Architecture, SAHHA Associates

Mr VENUGOPAL, B Tech, Structural Engineering, CONSULATANT

Mr VISHNU VARDAN REDDY, B Tech, Civil Engineer